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“All of the gear I have isn’t worth much if I rely on it more than I rely on myself.”


Andrew Kim continues to knock it out of the park with these reviews of some of Apple’s older products. I actually still have one of these that I can’t bear to part with. One of the most beautiful objects Apple ever designed.

“We opt for more instead of better. Better is better than more.”


I’m not sure how much Office for iPad will ultimately mean for Microsoft. Beyond Excel, what these last several years have shown many of us is that we don’t really need Office for most tasks (thanks again in large part to Microsoft refusing to release Office on devices like the…

Empathy;Ephemeral, unmeasurable, rarely reported.…



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Buster Benson covered every bit of advice I wanted to write about using Reporter, and then some.


The latest hand-wringing. The answer is clearly: of course, but eventually.

@ replies and hashtags are hacks for the behavior we really want. They’re abstract pointers to real subjects and people. Of course they will disappear.

Similarly, we select contacts instead of dialing phone numbers and use periods instead of writing STOP.

Once a simpler, less abstract method arises we will shift. Eventually, a hashtag will be nostalgic marker or joke, like a Polaroid or record scratch.


If you simply can’t imagine life on the go without an internet connection, you’re probably keen on the recent news that Audi’s new A3 will be the first vehicle in the U.S. to offer in-car 4G LTE connectivity. The system, which taps into AT&T’s cellular network to power the car’s built-in features like Google Earth, weather forecasting, and fuel price info, will also enable Wi-Fi hotspots with blazing download speeds of up to 100 Mbps— faster than most home internet connections.

But as with all things electronic, the NVIDIA chip that powers the A3’s multimedia system and the Qualcomm chip that handles Audi Connect will some day go the way of the Nintendo 64, only to be replaced by even quicker and more efficient hardware. Anticipating the inevitable antiquating of such systems— and the resulting need to redesign the hardware architecture that handles those duties, Audi has created its first ever modular system intended to help car design keep pace with ever-evolving cellular and multimedia technology.

Audi’s MMI Goes Modular: Swappable Chips Will Help Cars Keep Pace With Processing Advancements via popmech